Framing Israel

A Personal Tour of Media and Campus Rhetoric

Cherryl Smith

Why is it that citing facts often has little impact on discussion of the Jewish state? Framing Israel, a Personal Tour of Media and Campus Rhetoric offers an answer. This is an essential sourcebook—especially for readers who find mainstream media to be unreliable on controversial subjects and for college students and their families. Carefully researched and referenced, Framing Israel is also an engaging chronicle of one California professor’s encounter with the language about Israel and with the country itself.

Praise for Framing Israel:

“There have been many books and studies written about media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but Framing Israel stands out thanks to its very different and original focus on the language and agendas at play. By intertwining her own personal experiences with a sound academic analysis, Professor Cherryl Smith writes a highly accessible book while avoiding the polemics that have made this topic such a minefield to examine. Framing Israel should be required reading for anyone interested in or studying general media or the Middle East conflict.”

—Simon Plosker
Managing Editor, HonestReporting